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How to Use Google & Facebook to Get New Patients

Check out our latest webinar with digital marketing expert, Tom Burton. Learn the precise techniques and tricks you need in order to effectively use Google and Facebook to get more patients for your dental practice!

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Optimizing Patient Flow

Learn tips on efficient management of scheduled patients, how to provide great customer service – and what that actually means – and how to ensure an overall smooth customer experience.

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Managing Summer Schedules

Managing a summer schedule in a practice can be difficult. Check out our latest webinar to learn some important tips on how to keep the practice running efficiently throughout the summer months.

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The Ideal Office Manager

Check out our newest webinar for a thorough overview of an ideal office manager’s responsibilities, from the purpose to the ins and outs of practice management in each part of the office.

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Tracking Practice Diagnostics

Check out our webinar with Alan Hollander to learn the key performance indicators every practice should be tracking, along with how to properly graph and analyze these numbers.

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