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Why Your Practice Needs an Office Manager

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management at ePractice Manager  When doctors have little time to manage, or even delegate, the office manager can often end up being the employee who just “runs the front office”, or “has been with the practice the longest”. Don’t miss our latest webinar as Wendy goes through the following important […]

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Evaluating Practice Fees

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management at ePracticeManager At the start of each year, it’s a good idea for practices to evaluate their fees. We’ve found that practices work hard to take care of their patients, and it’s important that they’re properly reimbursed through insurance and patient portions. Keep your practice viable with these simple […]

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Annual Housekeeping Checklist

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management at ePractice Manager Get prepared for the coming year with our step-by-step, annual housekeeping checklist for your practice. Doing a careful review as early as possible will give you ample time to plan, take the appropriate steps, and make any necessary changes to help you meet your objectives for the […]

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Practice Leadership Skills

Speaker: Alan Hollander, CEO & Founder of ePracticeManager January 2020 Check out our latest webinar, done in partnership with the Texas Dental Association’s TDA Perks program. Learn some valuable tips on how to lead by example with hard work and an approach that helps create a team!  Topics include: Importance and components of a strong mission […]

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How to Use Google & Facebook to Get New Patients

Speaker: Tom Burton, CoFounder of LeadSmart Technologies September 2019 Check out our latest webinar with digital marketing expert, Tom Burton. Learn the precise techniques and tricks you need in order to effectively use Google and Facebook to get more patients for your dental practice! Topics include: Inbound vs. outbound promotions. How to effectively and affordably […]

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