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Increasing Your Practice’s Online Visibility

Speaker:  Andre Adair, Co-Founder & President of CodeMay April 2018 Do you understand how to effectively use social media channels and basic digital marketing tools to increase your practice’s online visibility? Check out April’s webinar with Andre Adair, digital marketing expert and co-founder of the design and marketing firm CodeMay. Learn commonly misunderstood terms, best practices, and steps you […]

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Boosting Staff Productivity with Performance Reviews

Speaker:  Wendy Reifer, VP of Client Management at ePractice Manager March 2018 Performance reviews are vital to the expansion of your practice, and when properly utilized, have the ability to boost staff participation and productivity. Check out our March webinar to learn how to effectively deliver performance reviews, handle tricky provisional hire periods, and get the most out of your practice staff!  For […]

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Keys to Practice Growth & Profitability

Speaker:  Alan Hollander, CEO & Founder of ePractice Manager February 2018 Because of time and clinical demands, practice owners can often miss the true causes of why an office can slow down or even plateau. Learn more about why this occurs, and what you can do to move your practice to the next level through some simple […]

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HR & Personnel Management Essentials

Speaker: Alan Hollander, CEO & Founder of ePractice Manager January 2018 Check out our latest webinar, done in partnership with the Texas Dental Association’s TDA Perks program. Managing people in a work environment can be stressful and uncomfortable. To avoid confrontation with staff, sometimes management will put off corrective meetings, job performance reviews, and other important […]

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