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Weekly Insights

Designed to help unburden doctors from management problems, and give office managers and staff proven tools for a smoother running and more productive practice.

Weekly Insight: What Areas of Your Practice Should You Outsource?

In this week’s video, I’ll go through those specialized areas that benefit the most from outsourcing, which will actually save time and money in other ways by cutting down on the costs of additional staff!

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Weekly Insight: How to Immediately Increase Case Acceptance

In this week’s video, I’ll discuss key case presentation tactics to immediately improve your practice’s acceptable rate and get patients signed up for treatment before they leave the practice!

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Weekly Insight: How to Handle Difficult Employee Situations

In this week’s video, I’ll discuss how to handle sensitive employee issues without having to have lengthy and possibly uncomfortable conversations.

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Weekly Insight: Are You Properly Tracking the Most Important KPI?

In this week’s video, I’ll discuss the one number that reveals the most about the health of a dental practice. And, provide data to ensure that you not only have an accurate measure of current practice health— but a reliable predictor of where the practice is headed!

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Weekly Insight: How to Update Practice Job Descriptions

In this week’s video I’ll give you five simple steps to help you create a complete procedural manual for your practice!

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