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About Us

We know you want to be an inspired and effective leader of your dental practice, but to achieve this goal and maintain it, you need personnel systems and staff that support your efforts and know what they are doing.

At ePractice Manager, we implement personnel and training systems that relieve the management burden and allow the doctor to focus on patient care. This is why we’ve spent thirty-plus years with thousands of clients, refining and implementing proven systems that allow doctors to focus on patients, not on managing the practice. 

Meet Our Founder

Alan Hollander built a team of over 50 consultants, coaches, and practice administration experts that have serviced thousands of both specialty and general practices over the past three decades.

His company’s systems have set the standard on improving staff and practice efficiency and performance, and how practice owners can unburden themselves from management issues.

Alan lectures extensively to dental groups throughout North America, sharing hands-on experience on best practices in new patient development, increasing case acceptance, improving staff performance, and more.

“Amazing! Insane growth, insane support, and working less hours. But you have to be willing to do what they recommend and take action. Hands down best investment I have made.”

— Hardeep Dhaliwal, MD, DMD

Meet Our Team

Amy Whitehead

Senior Practice Analyst

Amy has over 28 years of experience working in the dental field, from hands-on clinician work, to dental consulting and start-up dental practice construction management

Amy grew up in Nashville and now lives in Tennessee. On her downtime she enjoys watching live music and getting outside to explore the mountains.

Wendy Reifer

VP of Client Management

Wendy has  an educational background in management, marketing, and executive coaching, and has decades of experience working in the dental field. She has a strong passion for helping others achieve their practice and life goals.

Wendy lives in Oregon with her husband and enjoys hiking, travel, and visiting her family.

Katerina Gelotte

Director of Client Services

Katerina got her education in healthcare administration, and is experienced in process improvement and data analytics.

Katerina lives in Nebraska with her husband, baby boy and two Australian Shepherds. She enjoys being a new mom, spending time in coffee shops, finding new restaurants and only finishing half of each book she starts.

Pam Mills

Practice Consultant

Pam had over a decade of experience working on the clinical side of dentistry before moving into office, and then regional management.

She lives in Rhode Island with her family, where she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities with them, including hiking, skiing, and boating. Pam is also our resident Harry Potter super-fan.

Andrea Prescott

Service Representative

Andrea got her education in business administration, and has an extensive background in writing and editing. She enjoys working with others to help implement training systems within practices.

She lives in California with her family, and as an award-winning published author, loves to read and write in her spare time.

Alicia Melendez

Practice Consultant

Alicia has 30+ years of experience in clinical and academic dentistry, with a background in curriculum development and training for dental assistants, as well as effective communication training for dentists and their teams in corporate dentistry.

Alicia lives with her husband and dogs, and has two children and two grandchildren. She enjoys teaching meditation and mindfulness, staying active, and enjoying a good red wine!

Larissa Mintz

Director of Business Development

Larissa comes to us with over 10 years of experience working in the health field. She has a background in management and enjoys helping to implement the correct management tools in order for businesses to grow and succeed.

Born in Los Angeles, she currently lives in Florida, and on her downtime she loves going to the beach, water sports, and traveling.

Lauren Simpson

Practice Consultant

Lauren started in the dental field as an oral surgery assistant, eventually moving to regional management and helping to grow and train multi-practice organizations. She loves helping practices and doctors grow personally and professionally, along with their staff.

Lauren was raised in New York, but is currently living in Texas with her kids. She enjoys being a softball/baseball mom, staying active, hiking, going on new adventures, and traveling.