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Complimentary online CE for your Nobel accounts!

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Jon Pointelin
Senior Territory Manager

Jennifer Wilkins
Senior Territory Manager

Shawn Clay
Senior Territory Manager
Northern Utah

Mark Miller
Area Director
Kansas City, MO

Julian Reynoso
Territory Representative
Eastside Seattle

About ePractice

In-office tailored consulting and coaching programs.

Running a business is stressful, but for a dentist not trained in this area, it can be even worse. ePractice Manager implements personnel and training systems that relieve the management burden and allow the doctor to focus on patient care.

Click below to learn more about the specific issues we address and hear directly from some of our clients.

We Also Offer Seminars.

Alan Hollander, CEO & Founder of ePractice Manager, identifies and addresses the areas in a practice that commonly break down and lead to slower or stalled growth, leaving attendees with specific actions they can immediately implement in their own practices.

If you have an account that would benefit from a CE course on how to increase case acceptance, or other practice-building CE topics, let’s connect!

Course topics include:

Keys to Practice Growth & Profitability
Creating Greater Case Acceptance
Highly Effective Communication Techniques
Essential Leadership Actions

All courses can be done in short form (2-3 hours), or long form (3-5 hours).

Downloadable Resources

Tools to help your customers boost implant sales, scripts to help you effectively communicate the benefit of ePractice Manager, and informational one-sheets and flyers on our offerings. All updated weekly with the latest versions!


Nobel National Sales Call
Zoom recording of the March, 2021 Nobel National Sales call. Firsthand accounts of what it means to work with ePractice Manager - for you and your customers.

Testimonial One-Sheet
Print ready testimonial from Nobel customer, Dr. Hardeep Dhaliwal.

Seminar Flyers

Keys to Practice Growth & Profitability Flyer
CE Event flyer template for one of our most popular topics. To be used by practices to promote event.

Highly Effective Communication Techniques Flyer
CE Event flyer template for one of our most popular topics. To be used by practices to promote event.

Creating Greater Case Acceptance Flyer
CE Event flyer template for one of our most popular topics. To be used by practices to promote event.

CE Info Flyer
Learn more about ePM CE events, with details on the variety of topics we cover, along with speaker info and course details.

Alan Hollander Bio
Information one-sheet on ePM Founder and CEO, Alan Hollander.

Scripts to Engage Your Customers About ePM

Practice Growth Issues
To use with Nobel customers who wants to grow and are not seeing it happen the way they would like. 

General Issues
To use with customers who mention that the practice is having issues in any general area: HR and personnel management, patient flow, referral management, marketing, etc.

Email Introduction
Email template to introduce your customer and smoothly turnover to us to set up a free consult.


How to Introduce ePM to Your Customers
Learn how to successfully introduce your customers to our services, and how to answer their questions in this step-by-step infographic.

Case Studies Infographic
Graphical representations of the effect ePM engagements have had with your customers.

Nobel Customer Handouts

Practice Analysis Flyer
One-sheet detailing our Practice Analysis service. An introductory special program designed to address the immediate needs of your customers.

Nobel Customer Invite
An invitation card for you to pass on to your customers to receive a free consultation with ePM.

Free Consultation Flyer
One-sheet detailing all of the components of the free consultation process.

Digital Integration Flyer
One-sheet about our digital technology and process training and procedure development for dental specialists.


Contact me to learn more or schedule a CE event!

Larissa Mintz
Business Development Manager
888.288.1705 x1026
[email protected]