ePractice Manager | Systems for next-level growth

You work on your patients, we’ll work on your practice.

Tailored coaching and consulting.

   Increase Production

   Save Time

   Reduce Stress

Running a practice is stressful and not why you became a dentist.

You’re not an HR manager, you didn’t go to business school, get back to caring for patients with our simple online subscription.

Focus on patients. Let our toolbox manage the office.

Decrease Stress

By increasing training and accountability. Now you can delegate those management tasks with confidence.

Save Time

With our automated on-boarding and HR systems. Easily manage PTO, Performance Reviews, and training programs.

Increase Production

Spend less time managing employees and the office— enjoy a larger patient base and practice production numbers.

We get it.

We’ve spent thirty plus years, with thousands of clients, refining and implementing tools to allow doctors to focus on patients, not on managing the practice.

1,000s of clients
+ 30 plus years of experience
= Your best practice