Full Office Manager Training

Everything a qualified Office Manager needs to confidently oversee your practice and personnel.

Interactive Staff Classroom

Fun, engaging online classes to train employees on all duties and responsibilities.

Online HR Management

Hiring, scheduling, performance reviews, and all the tools necessary to smoothly manage your staff.

Increase Case
Acceptance Rates

Get patients scheduled today using our best practices on effective consultations and handling financial concerns.

Full Job
Description Library

Customisable office policies, job descriptions, duty checklist, forms, and much more – all downloadable.

ePractice Coaching

One-on-one phone and email support from an assigned coach with years of hands-on experience.

  • “When we first signed on with ePractice Manager we wanted to handle the productivity in the practice. Our consultant has helped streamline our whole management system and our patient experience, which in turn has made our days more productive. We work the same number of hours each day but are 20% more productive. It is incredible! Since working with ePractice Manager I have been able to worry less about managing employees and more about my patient’s care.”

    Older Male Dentist
    C.N., DDS, Salt Lake City, UT
  • “I highly recommend ePractice Manager and their consulting. The consultants have made a real difference in my dental practice. Most importantly – their consulting was effective. We had very specific goals in mind – and in every aspect, we found success and improvement. They brought some greatly needed relief to our practice by improving our management organization and our efficiency. Together we all learned skills and techniques that will forever help keep my practice successful! Thank You!”

    Male Dentist Young
    S.G., DMD, Mesa, AZ
  • “We started working with ePractice Manager three years ago. At the time, my partners and I were hoping for guidance on the training of our staff and the creation of their job descriptions. Since then, they have helped us with that and so much more! ePM understands our practice’s needs and has helped to provide a clear path forward. We’ve worked on the alignment of our owners, training of our managers, oversight of our systems and staff efforts, and as a result, we’ve boosted our patient flow, improved our case acceptance rates and raised our productivity. It’s been a pleasure to work with ePractice Manager and I’d recommend their services to any practice that feels they could use some help.”

    Female Dentist
    J.K., DDS, Salt Lake City, UT
  • “Our practice signed up with ePractice Managers a few years ago.  After an analysis of our organization, the team at ePM identified areas that were causing difficulties and brought us solutions and systems to create an improved workflow. They were instrumental in establishing a dental implant coordinator position in our practice by providing a detailed job description, excellent training, and coaching! Have an urgent question or problem?  They provide prompt and beneficial answers. Overall, an excellent value. Thank you ePractice Manager – we appreciate you!”

    Brunette Female Office Worker
    S.H., Practice Administrator, Honolulu, HI
  • “We’ve worked with ePractice Manager for some time, and for good reason. They’ve helped us to strategically create a plan for growth, execute it step-by-step, and we’ve seen clear results – that’s incredibly rewarding! Now, even if we hit a bump, we know what to do and we have the backup we need with ePM as a resource. We’re grateful to ePractice Manager for the structure and direction they’ve provided to make it all possible. It’s truly the best investment we could have made in our practice.

    Blonde Female Office Worker
    K.G., Office Manager, Ogden, UT
  • “Facial Surgery Group has worked with ePractice Manager off and on for the last few years, and they have been such a tremendous asset. The information provided by the team at ePM has proved to be invaluable in many areas, such as increasing implant placements, staffing issues, and even fine-tuning the practice finances. Additionally, ePractice Manager’s various tracking files have been a huge eye-opener, and the goals the ePM team helps us set are attainable!”

    Brunette Female Office Worker
    L.A., Practice Administrator, Kansas City, MO
  • ePractice Manager gave us the tools to create job descriptions, protocols, and employee training – and the resources to use them effectively! We can now track employee performance, patient activity, and practice finances more effectively. Overall, working with ePractice Manager has made us more aware of what key performance indicators are important to our practice, and how we can monitor them to best focus our efforts on a daily basis. It has been a pleasure to work with the amazing team at ePM.”

    Brunette Female Office Worker
    J.B., Office Manager, Portland, OR
  • “We hired ePractice Manager in April of 2018 to optimize our HR practices, the overall organization of the office, and the business itself. I’ll be honest, I’ve always been skeptical about consulting groups. But at ePM they’ve taken a very client-first approach instead of forcing our practice into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ program. Their recommendations are on point for what we need, when we need it, and working with ePractice Manager has completely transformed the office within the last year!

    Male Office Worker
    Z.C., Business Director, Denver, CO
  • “Transitioning from the medical field, it was important for me to have a resource to understand how the dental industry was different and to improve my ability to analyze financial reports to predict and respond to changes. The results of working with ePractice Manager over the past two years have benefited both myself and Dr. S greatly. I appreciate the knowledge and perspective provided by ePractice Manager, and I now feel comfortable and confident in my ability to build, run, and analyze data for the benefit of the practice.

    Blonde Female Office Worker
    R.A., Practice Administrator, Clackamas, OR

Online Interactive Staff Training

Staff Training Made Easy


Smoothly Onboard & Manage Your Staff

Develop and increase accountability
Online tracking and monitoring of assigned tasks
Automated Management of PTO
Smoothly On-board and train new employees
And much more to help you smoothly manage staff
Develop and increase accountability
Online tracking and monitoring of assigned tasks
Automated Management of PTO
Smoothly On-board and train new employees
And much more to help you smoothly manage staff


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Webinar: How to Use Google and Facebook to Get New Patients

Speaker: Tom Burton, CoFounder of LeadSmart Technologies Check out our latest webinar with digital marketing expert, Tom Burton. Learn the precise techniques and tricks you need in order to effectively use Google and Facebook to get more patients for your dental practice! Topics include: Inbound vs. outbound promotions. How to effectively and affordably use Google […]

Webinar: Optimizing Patient Flow

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP of Client Management at ePracticeManager Join us for this follow-up webinar to Managing Summer Schedules! Learn tips on efficient management of the scheduled patients, how to provide great customer service – and what that actually means – and how to ensure an overall smooth customer experience.  

Webinar: Managing Summer Schedules

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP of Client Management at ePracticeManager Managing a summer schedule in a practice can be difficult. Check out our latest webinar to learn some important tips on how to keep the practice running efficiently throughout the summer months. We will cover topics such as: Accessing your practice’s needs. Efficiently managing your time. […]

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