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Weekly Insights

Designed to help unburden doctors from management problems, and give office managers and staff proven tools for a smoother running and more productive practice.

Weekly Insight: How to Effectively Get Your Point Across

In this week’s video, I will go over a simple tool to ensure you are successfully communicating staff instructions and treatment presentations. Trust me, you’ll have a smoother running practice and a higher case acceptance rate as a result!

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Weekly Insight: How to Address Patients’ #1 Concern

In this week’s video, I’ll go through specific resources to help update your practice messaging, increase case acceptance rates, deliver more treatment, and ultimately increase your patients’ oral and overall health!

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Weekly Insight: How to Find Qualified New Staff

In this week’s video, I’d like to pass along some simple actions to help you streamline this process and ensure your staffing needs are met.

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Weekly Insight: How to Optimize Your Day’s Schedule

In this week’s video I’ll go over the daily huddle. Ensuring that this simple meeting takes place will immediately increase coordination and communication among staff in the office and help optimize your schedule for the day!

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Weekly Insight: How to Deliver an Effective Performance Review

In this week’s video, I’ll lay out the simple steps to help you deliver successful performance reviews that provide useful feedback, and an opportunity for the employee to learn and grow!

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