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Tracking Practice Diagnostics

Speaker: Alan Hollander, Founder & CEO of ePractice Manager Practice diagnostics are often misunderstood, and even when properly tracked, can be incorrectly managed. Check out our December webinar with Alan Hollander to learn the key performance indicators every practice should be tracking, along with how to properly graph and analyze these numbers. This webinar is […]

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Finding the Right Staff

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management at ePractice Manager September 2018 At some point, every practice is faced with the need to hire new employees or replace existing staff members who are leaving the office. So what are the best practices for hiring and training qualified employees? Simply click the link below to learn some valuable tips […]

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Team Performance

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management at ePractice Manager August 2018 Being part of a dental team, or any team has its challenges. In our August session, we discuss what makes up a dental team, the keys areas of focus, and the techniques that work best to ensure a seamless experience for your patients. For more […]

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Managing Accounts Receivable

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management at ePractice Manager Managing patient accounts is a vital part of the day-to-day operations in a practice.  Our July webinar covers some simple but important topics, such as: Verifying insurance benefits. Patient financial policies. Properly tracking accounts receivable. Optimizing cash flow. This webinar is only accessible with a subscription. Start […]

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Running Effective Office Meetings

Speaker:  Wendy Reifer, VP Client of Management at ePractice Manager  May 2018 A very important part of your role in the management of the practice is the successful organization and use of office meetings. Click the link below to learn the basics of formatting and leading effective staff meetings, and keep your employees up-to-speed on what needs […]

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