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Employment, Benefits, Payroll, & Leave in a COVID-19 World

Speaker: Tim Bowles, Executive Director of Law Offices of Timothy Bowles Employment attorney Tim Bowles presents the new pandemic-driven legal realities of personnel management. Topics include: ~Workplace reorganization, including “telecommuting,” furloughs and layoffs; ~The do’s and don’ts of workforce contagion and infection prevention under the Americans with Disabilities Act; ~Federal developments on payroll relief, paid […]

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Financial Impact of COVID-19 & Impacts for Dentists

Speaker: Elliott Tracy, CPA, Partner at Jones & Roth Laws within the dental industry are moving at a furious pace and it is crucial that dentists understand the options available to them, personally and for the practice. In this webinar, we will help you navigate these options, such as disaster relief funding and the most […]

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Telehealth, Remote Access & HIPAA Guidelines

Speaker: Trish Nolan, Managing Owner of DSI, LLC Telehealth, remote access, and HIPAA guidelines are pressing issues during the Covid-19 public health emergency. It is important to proceed with caution when using remote access services and to not succumb to scare tactics from unknown IT companies. In this webinar, we will look at how HIPAA […]

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Why Your Practice Needs an Office Manager

Speaker: Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management at ePractice Manager  When doctors have little time to manage, or even delegate, the office manager can often end up being the employee who just “runs the front office”, or “has been with the practice the longest”. Don’t miss our latest webinar as Wendy goes through the following important […]

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Practice Leadership Skills

Speaker: Alan Hollander, CEO & Founder of ePracticeManager January 2020 Check out our latest webinar, done in partnership with the Texas Dental Association’s TDA Perks program. Learn some valuable tips on how to lead by example with hard work and an approach that helps create a team!  Topics include: Importance and components of a strong mission […]

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