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PPP Loan Forgiveness

In this short webinar, Mr. Elliott Tracy walks through the intricacies of the PPP loan and ways to document the use of the PPP funds for forgivable expenses.

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Relaunching Your Practice With Our Reboot Checklist

Join us as we walk through the steps involved in getting your practice restarted after the COVID-19 crisis. Find out what to do in anticipation of reopening, and how to reduce the time involved.

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Marketing 911: Preparing for the New Normal

In this webinar, we will look at several unique marketing and patient acquisition strategies that can not only help mitigate these impacts now but prepare your practice to better weather the storm in the event of future disruptions.

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Employment, Benefits, Payroll, & Leave in a COVID-19 World

Employment attorney Tim Bowles presents the new pandemic-driven legal realities of personnel management.

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Financial Impact of COVID-19 & Impacts for Dentists

Laws within the dental industry are moving at a furious pace and it is crucial that dentists understand the options available to them, personally and for the practice. In this webinar, we will help you navigate these options, such as disaster relief funding and the most recent provisions from the CARES Act.

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