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Addressing Patients’ #1 Concern

By epractice
August 3, 2020

Speaker: Alan Hollander, Founder of ePractice Manager

Alan Hollander, Founder of ePractice Manager, discusses how to address patients’ current #1 concern – their physical health. Our 35-minute webinar tackles the following points:

  • How this pandemic and the news are affecting your potential and existing patient base.
  • Why the consequences of non-treatment are so much higher.
  • How to effectively communicate the consequences in this new landscape – with specific articles and studies to help you emphasize the importance with your patients.
  • Delivering a unified message, and the role each staff member plays.
  • How to tailor and update your practice website, social media channels, and messaging today.

These effective concepts will help you update your practice messaging, increase case acceptance rates, deliver more treatment, and ultimately increase your patients’ oral and overall health.

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