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Managing Candidates

By ePractice Manager
November 8, 2022

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At this point in the hiring process you should be collecting quality candidates and reviewing the account daily, even if just for five minutes a day.

Job advertisements can be paused while reviewing the applicants. If you end up with a lot of applicants, especially while sponsoring a job, it is best to temporarily pause the ad while reviewing them so as to not get additional unnecessary charges. If you need to reopen it at a later point, when you go to post a new job it will give you an option to choose a previously posted job.

Please Note: The most important part of hiring is to consistently follow up on applicants. You can miss out on a great candidate by waiting a day too long to respond. 

The flow of successful Indeed hiring should be as follows:

 Review each applicant on Indeed by looking over resumes for relevant experience, education, and overall job history.

 Look for any potential issues. For example, if a candidate is currently a student in a completely different field, they may only be looking for short-term employment. Also, if there are large gaps in work history, or a high volume of jobs that they were only at for a short amount of time. If you still want to interview the candidate, make a note to bring these things up during the phone interview.

 As you go through the candidates, reject those who are not a good fit for the position, and contact the ones who you would like to follow up with.

 Reach out with introductory emails requesting a short phone call to discuss their resume and get a feel for their background, experience, and their expectations for the position.

 During the phone interview ask open-ended questions, such as:
“Tell me a bit about your background and experience.”
“What are you looking for in a new position?”
“What would be your ideal work environment?”
If, while conducting the phone interview, you feel the applicant would be a good potential fit, schedule them for an in-office interview while on the call.

 Right when you end the phone interview, send a follow up email with the address to the office confirming the appointment, and a phone number to call in the event that they need to cancel or reschedule.

The faster you make initial contact and get them into the office, the better your chance of making a successful hire. Remember, the process takes time, but it isn’t time consuming!

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