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Keeping up Team Morale

By ePractice Manager
March 15, 2024

In any clinical setting, cultivating a positive work environment and fostering a sense of fulfillment among team members are paramount responsibilities for any practice management role. Low morale and discontent among employees can precipitate high turnover rates, workplace conflicts, and diminished productivity. While it’s crucial to prioritize patients’ experiences, it’s the dedication of your employees that enables the delivery of exceptional care in the first place.

There are several straightforward actions an Office Manager (OM) or practice manager can take to enhance team morale and cultivate a work environment conducive to employee satisfaction:

Listen to Employee Feedback
Establishing avenues for employees to voice their opinions and concerns is essential. Weekly team meetings can serve as forums for idea exchange and feedback. Additionally, it’s imperative for the OM or HR lead to implement mechanisms where individuals feel comfortable sharing their thoughts confidentially. Follow up with team members to see how changes are impacting the situation, and adjust as needed.

Build a Cohesive Team
When onboarding new team members, clarity regarding office policies, procedures, and role expectations is key. Integrating new hires into the team dynamic during orientation fosters cohesion and collaboration among colleagues.

Identify Barriers
Identify barriers to team members being able to meet your expectations and help resolve them. As part of this, ask team members what would make it possible to do the action (or volume of work) that is expected. For example, upgrading computers or software.

Put Team Members on a Path to Growth
This doesn’t always have to mean “in line for a promotion” but can include additional training and/or experience with other parts of the practice, additional responsibilities, etc. Team members respond well when you help them to grow, and when they know staff growth is a priority for the practice/owner.

Recognize and Spotlight Employees
Acknowledging and appreciating employees’ hard work can significantly boost morale. Implementing recognition programs or providing small perks like designated parking spots, bonuses, charitable donations, or additional time off serves as meaningful incentives for dedicated performance.

Create a Comfortable Work Environment
Given the physically demanding nature of working in a dental practice, providing employees with a comfortable space to unwind during breaks is essential. Ensuring ergonomic seating and stocking the break area with refreshments can contribute to overall employee well-being and morale. If advisable, provide what the team member is asking for, or provide an alternative that works for the practice.

Implementing these simple yet impactful strategies can yield significant improvements in team morale and contribute to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

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