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A Simple Systems Check to Evaluate the Health of Your Practice

You know how a look in a mouth can tell volumes about someone’s overall health. This is why regular checkups and hygiene appointments are strongly encouraged. Doctors need to have the same mindset when assessing the health of their practices. Problematic situations can seem like they pop up out of nowhere, but there are often […]

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Proper Practice Documentation

What’s the likelihood you’ll be sued, or have an employee or HR-related complaint issued against your practice? Unfortunately, it may be higher than you think. With related lawsuits increasing at an alarming rate, having correct HR and personnel management procedures is more important than ever. A vital first step in lowering your risk is proper […]

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Employee Theft: Minimizing Risk

Did you know that seven percent of annual revenue is lost to employee theft and fraud?[1] Although most dental offices have a small number of staff, and fraud and theft are more easily hidden in a large group, one of the main findings of the study indicated that the majority of fraud cases occurred in […]

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Hiring a New Employee: What Not to Ask

Employers and those interviewing job candidates must know the laws associated with what you may or may not ask when screening prospective employees. Unfamiliarity with these areas can open the door to all kinds of problems. As an employer, and per Federal Equal Opportunity Law, you may ask an applicant about anything that directly relates […]

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Family Members: To Hire, or Not to Hire

Working with a family member can be enjoyable and fulfilling. You know them well, and more than likely you are aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. And, if you are even considering hiring this person, the trust factor is already higher. Let’s be honest, hiring a spouse or another close family member can […]

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