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Avoiding Office Gossip

By ePractice Manager
May 26, 2021

One common workplace issue we’ve encountered over the years is the lack of teamwork and group harmony that can result from unresolved office drama. So how as a manager can we avoid it, and how as an employee can we find a work environment free from it?

Though there may not be one clear answer, there are definite actions that a practice can take to ensure that employee interactions are productive and professional.

The first line of defense for a practice is always a solid list of policies and procedures, accessible to all employees.

Your office manual must have policies that address the proper way employees should conduct themselves within the office. These should include the following:

 Policies regarding office etiquette that prohibits harmful and disruptive communication in the workplace. These should include policies on inner-office communication, office chatter, and general office etiquette.

 An employee grievance procedure that outlines the exact steps to address and handle any disagreements among the staff. When disagreements between employees are left unhandled, they will inevitably spread to other employees, and can lower group morale.

 Checklists for inventory, cleaning, equipment inspection, sterilization and general office maintenance to ensure that employees remain productive and on task. Office gossip and chatter often takes place when employees are not busy. Though there can be gaps in the schedule, a well-trained staff knows that there is always work to be done around the office.

New employees should be fully educated on their responsibilities as a member of the practice, and employee orientation is a crucial time to set these expectations. The office manual must cover these topics, acquaint them with the office, and give them the tools they need to be a supportive member of the team.

A well-trained staff that is aligned with the practice’s goals will automatically shy away from office drama, and instead work together to increase office productivity.

So remember – have your policies and expectations clearly and simply written out. Make sure all employees read and sign off on them. And use them whenever needed for corrective action. When everyone knows what is expected of them, you will have a more productive and smoother-running practice!

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