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Addressing Your Patients’ Number One Concern

By epractice
June 16, 2020

Anxiety levels are the highest they have ever been in the US. COVID-19 has created financial strain, emotional stress, and general fear for many people. At the top of the list of worries, despite concerns over economic stability, is “my family’s health.”

As dental health providers, this is a game-changing opportunity to educate the population on the essential need for thorough and regular dental care. For years, studies have shown the direct relationship between dental health, inflammation levels in the body, and the resultant effects on the body’s immune system.  Sound research and studies support a clear link between poor dental care and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even erectile dysfunction. A specific 17-year dental study of over 5,600 patients found a direct relationship between the number of missing teeth and an increased risk of mortality, particularly in the elderly.

You already know that good dental health helps ensure that patients under your care have a healthier body to fight off potential infections. Now more than ever they need to know that if they are fighting bacteria produced by an unhandled condition in their mouth, their immune system is lowered if they encounter additional bacteria or a virus, like COVID-19. Most patients DO NOT understand these compelling reasons to schedule their treatment and get the treatment they need.

It’s important that doctors, treatment coordinators, and anyone in a practice that does consultations or presents treatment, explain the serious consequences of opting out of necessary treatment and prevention plans. By focusing on how dental health can positively or negatively impact a patient’s immune system, practices have an opportunity to provide honest and direct information that could impact their patient’s health and ability to fight off illnesses.

Straightforward communication and some “tough love” may wake those up who don’t think that their dental care is a high priority for staying healthy amidst the health risks we all now face.

There’s an opportunity now to educate patients into understanding their dental care at a much higher level, get the treatment that they need, lower their health risks, and significantly improve their overall well-being.  Doctors and staff that take the extra few minutes to show patients the actual consequences of putting off treatment or opting out are directly addressing their number one concern – their family’s health.

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