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We know you want to be an inspired and effective leader of your dental practice, but to achieve this goal and maintain it, you need personnel systems and staff that support your efforts and know what they are doing.

At ePractice Manager, we implement personnel and training systems that relieve the management burden and allow the doctor to focus on patient care. This is why we’ve spent thirty-plus years with thousands of clients, refining and implementing proven systems that allow doctors to focus on patients, not on managing the practice. 

Here’s what some of our OMS client’s have to say about working with us!

Dr. Sukhdeep Dhaliwal
Poulsbo, Washington

Dr. G. Shane Jessen
South Ogden, Utah

Dr. Ofilio Morales
Orlando, Florida 

It’s unlikely that you could present an issue that we haven’t dealt with in OMS practice management. Click on the tiles below to see some of the most common:

We often find that practices do not have recruitment, interviewing, screening, and coaching systems in place—which lead to fewer and less qualified candidates. Our proven onboarding and training systems are the foundation for long-term employee retention.

Practice growth, or lack thereof, are directly related to how well the following five areas function: executive and leadership skills, personnel management know-how, treatment presentation and case acceptance, scheduling and patient flow, and referral management marketing. 

Many of our OMS practices are more frequently looking at direct to patient advertising. It’s important to do this in a way that provides strong ROI, and does not damage referral relationships. And we can show you how this has been done successfully by other practices. 

Doctors and practice owners often miss the fact that they can grow substantially without bringing on a partner with whom they will need to share all of the growth potential. Let us help you evaluate your practice’s position with objective data. 

You must clarify what you want team members to be accountable for – overall productivity of the practice, or particular goals for each department or individual. ePM has simple steps to set this up, from setting the goals, to ensuring oversight, and rewarding  and correcting performance.

ePractice Manager routinely analyzes practice schedules with a goal of streamlining patient flow and maximizing productivity. We provide potential schedule models, along with guidance on choosing your best approach to schedule enhancement and modification.

ePractice Manager has constructed an examination plan for doctors who want to change their own situation or augment clinical capacity. We evaluate the patient population, schedule consistency, financial condition of the practice, and logistics to map out a detailed strategy.

Doctors frequently tell us that practice transitions, desired or otherwise, sneak up on them and affect terms and outcomes. Optimizing and maintaining practice performance in visible ways over the long term is the best strategy to demonstrate value and something we have helped many practices with over the years.

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