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Navigating this new landscape.

Starting Monday, March 30th, we will be releasing a series of webinars to help you navigate this new working landscape. Our goal is to provide you with the help and guidance you need in the areas of highest concern. Each webinar will be presented by an expert in their field, and offer actionable steps to help you take control.

Will will continue to update this page as new webinars are scheduled and released, so please stay tuned.



Telehealth & Remote Access: Watch Now
Trish Nolan, DSI 

Telehealth, remote access, and HIPAA guidelines are pressing issues during the Covid-19 public health emergency. It is important to proceed with caution when using remote access services and to not succumb to scare tactics from unknown IT companies. In this webinar, we will look at how HIPAA guidelines have changed, utilizing electric telecommunication technologies to communicate with patients, which applications to use, and which applications are not allowed.

Financial Impact & Options For Dentists: Watch Now
Elliot Tracy, CPA and Senior Manager at Jones & Roth

Laws within the dental industry are moving at a furious pace and it is crucial that dentists understand the options available to them, personally and for the practice. In this webinar, we will help you navigate these options, such as disaster relief funding and the most recent provisions from the CARES Act.  Many of these benefits have limits and are time-sensitive, which makes it more important than ever to move quickly.

Employment, Payroll, Benefits, and Leave: Watch Now
Tim Bowles, Executive Director of Law Offices of Timothy Bowles
Employment attorney Tim Bowles will present the new pandemic-driven legal realities of personnel management. Topics will include:
~Workplace reorganization, including “telecommuting,” furloughs and layoffs;
~The do’s and don’ts of workforce contagion and infection prevention under the Americans with Disabilities Act;
~Federal developments on payroll relief, paid leaves, and unemployment benefits, including the Families First and CARES acts;
~And much more!

Marketing 911: Watch Now
Tom Burton, Cofounder of Leadsmart Technologies

Many practices were understandably caught off guard with the COVID-19 disruption and impacts. Unfortunately, these impacts will likely continue to be felt even after your practice reopens. In this webinar, we will look at several unique marketing and patient acquisition strategies that can not only help mitigate these impacts now but prepare your practice to better weather the storm in the event of future disruptions.

Relaunching Your Practice With Our Reboot Checklist: Watch Now
Wendy Reifer, VP Client Management ePractice Manager
Join us as we walk through the steps involved in getting your practice restarted after the COVID-19 crisis. Find out what to do in anticipation of reopening, and how to reduce the time involved. Get ahead of the game and ensure a more seamless transition with our Practice Reboot Checklist.


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