To explain the Overview page of the HR Management area.


About the Overview Page

This page is a personal landing page for each employee.

As the HR Manager, you will see a quick overview of the number of Employees, Departments, and Designations in your practice. Clicking the View button under each of these category counts will take you to a list where you can edit those records.


Latest Announcements

This section of the page is visible to all staff. Announcements that an employee has been included to receive will appear in this section of the Overview page.


Creating an Announcement

Announcements can be created by the HR Manager to be directed to all staff, or selected employees only.

To view all current announcements, scroll your mouse over "HR Management", and then click "Announcement". This will give you a list of existing announcements for your office.

To create a new announcement:

1.  Scroll your mouse over "HR Management".

2.  Click "Announcement".

3.  Click on the "Add Announcement" button in the upper left-hand of the Announcement page.

4.  Give your announcement a title, and type in the body of your announcement.

5.  Chose your preferences for the announcement's visibility.

  • Clicking on "All Employees" will display the announcement to all staff members in your practice.
  • Clicking on "Selected Employee" will allow you to send the announcement to a specific staff member. A box will appear where you can select the employee to which the announcement will be displayed by clicking on his or her name. To add multiple employees simply click on "Selected Employee" again.

6.  Once you have completed all of the above steps click on the blue "Publish" button in the right-hand margin to save your changes, and activate the announcement.


My Leave Calendar

This section is specific to the employee viewing it. It shows the time off that they have requested.


Birthday Buddies

This section displays the birthdays of the staff for the current week.


Who is Out

This section will display all of the approved time off requests for employees, as well as the dates that employees will be absent from the office.