To give an overview of the course format, as well as how to successfully complete each component within the course.


Getting Started

When you begin a new course you will start on the course's overview page. Each course overview page gives a basic introduction to the course, goes through the expected outcomes and skills that will be gained upon its completion, and has an outline of the upcoming course content.

The course content box can be expanded to show all of the topics within each lesson by clicking on "Expand All" on the top right-hand corner of the course content box.

Initially, all of the boxes to the right of each lesson (within the course content box) will appear white. As lessons are completed, the corresponding boxes will turn green.


Progress Bar and Index

On the left-hand side of the screen is a progress bar which will turn green as you move through each component of the course. Underneath the progress bar is the course index, which lists all of the lessons within that specific course. Clicking the lesson title will expand that particular lesson, and show all of the topics and quizzes within.

Each topic and quiz will have a dark grey dot next to it, which will turn green as each component is completed. Once all of the components within a lesson have been completed, the dark grey arrow next to the lesson title will also turn green.


Course Components

Each course is laid out in the following manner:

Main Course Overview Page: As mentioned above, this is the introductory page to each course.

Lessons: Each course contains between three and six lessons. The lessons divide the course into various areas of study.

Topics: Each lesson contains a number of topics. The topics are all about a page long, and concentrate on a single concept within the lesson.

Quizzes: Most topics within the course have an accompanying quiz. Once a topic is finished, a quiz will need to be completed in order to move on to the next topic within the lesson.


More on Quizzes

There are a variety of question types that make up the quizzes.

Single answer: Click on the single correct answer to the provided question.

Multiple Choice: Click on all of the correct applicable answers.

Fill in the Blank: Type in the correct answer in the provided space. These usually require the user to complete a sentence.

Sorting/Ordering: Drag the tiles into the correct sequence.

Matrix: Drag and drop the tiles to match them to the correct corresponding answers.

Essay: Type in your answer in the space provided.


Important Note

After you complete all of the components in a lesson (all topics and quizzes), the course will direct you back to the main lesson page. You will need to scroll down and click the grey box titled "Mark Complete". This will save your progress, and allow you to move on to the next lesson.

Additionally, If a topic does not have an exercise at the end of it, you will need to click the grey box titled "Mark Complete" before the course will recognize that the topic has been completed.


In-Office Exercises

Some of the quizzes will require you to work with another staff member, or complete a project before moving to the next step. All in-office exercises are formatted as essay questions, and will require you to write about your experience in the space provided.


Additional Links

There are a number of clickable links in each course that will open a new tab within your browser. You are expected to click on each link and fully study it before moving on to the next topic or lesson. Please note that you will be tested on the knowledge provided in the linked documents, videos, and websites.

All forms, job descriptions, and lists within each course are also accessible in the document library.